What is your experience with AMD treatment?

What is my experience with AMD treatment? Over the past 10 or so years, I have built up significant experience when it comes to delivering injection treatments for wet age-related macular degeneration. I’ve performed thousands of these injections personally, and in the NHS setting, I lead a team of staff dedicated to providing safe and effective treatment for AMD.

In addition to this, it’s worth pointing out that I have many years of experience treating wet age-related macular degeneration. I have been involved in this field since the dawn of the era of effective treatments for wet AMD.

Not only do I have significant experience and expertise when carrying out injection treatments for AMD, but I’ve also been involved in some of the landmark research that’s pulled through new research discoveries relating to treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration from early clinical practice through to where we are now.

A Proactive Approach to Treating AMD

Another point worth underlining is that there have been a lot of changes over the past few years when it comes to our knowledge of what makes a successful treatment plan when it comes to treating wet age-related macular degeneration. One of the things that I’ve learned most is that to deliver adequate care for people with wet AMD and to maintain vision in the long term, we have to be proactive about the way we treat this disease.

We can’t let wet age-related macular degeneration take hold and become more active or aggressive concerning disease severity; we need to manage it in its early form and then carry on with regular and repeated injections to stabilise and improve vision.

This “proactive” approach to treatment is something that’s changed over the past few years, and in the past, some ophthalmologists were slightly too relaxed regarding the need for giving injections leading to sporadic and infrequent treatment which may not be the best way of controlling the disease in the long term. We now know that in most cases we need to give injections for wet AMD on a regular basis and increase the interval between treatments as the condition stabilises. My vast experience in treating patients with AMD means I can bring these and other insights into optimising treatment when I see patients in the clinic.

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