Why did I start up Eyesight Hertfordshire?

I started Eyesight at the Hertfordshire Clinic because I wanted to take control of the sort of service I had a vision of providing in the private sector. That started me talking to my colleague Praveen Patel about providing a service for patients with long-term conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration and making sure that we were able to provide a really high standard of diagnostic and treatment care to our patients.

Since we’ve started the business, it’s been a fulfilling experience, and because of that, we wanted to take the time and make the investment to share our vision and our message with the wider population and invite you to come and see us at Eyesight.

Maintain vision after 40 with regular checks

Many people don’t catch vision loss until it’s too late. If you’re over 40, avoid unnecessary vision loss by having a VisionSafe Eye Check on a regular basis. Book one today.