Why did you set up Eyesight Hertfordshire?

Why did I set up Eyesight at the Hertfordshire Clinic? I’ve practised for many years, and my expertise is in the treatment of macular disease. I started with broader knowledge in general ophthalmology, and I still see patients with general problems regarding their eyes. What struck me about my private practice was that I was seeing patients in Central London, but a lot of my patients are elderly and find it difficult to travel down and see me in Central London.

It was far more convenient for me to see patients closer to where they live. That thought was very much behind the idea to set up the Eyesight clinic. It’s about me bringing my expertise out to where patients live in Hertfordshire and deliver international standard care in a local setting.

The other reason why I set this up was really to work with my colleague who I have known for many years, Miss Lydia Chang who is an expert and specialist in the care of patients with glaucoma. Through working with Lydia, we see a lot of patients who have chronic diseases – meaning diseases affecting the macular or glaucoma. By working locally in Hertfordshire, this allows us to specialise in providing treatment for glaucoma and  age-related macular degeneration closer to where patients live.

A patient-focused approach

Beyond providing this service closer to where patients live, I’ve noticed that patients talked to me about other advantages when they come and see me.

One of these advantages is the time that we allow patients to talk about their problems and indeed to work through different diagnoses and understand what treatment plan and what course of treatment is appropriate for them. Working at Eyesight Hertfordshire Clinic allows Lydia and I to tailor our expertise to individual patients and come up with a personalised treatment plan.

We find that seeing patients locally in the Eyesight clinic, close to where patients live works very well and patients, carers and relatives give us that feedback often.

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